Image Access partner in Poland, Agraf Ltd. exhibited at the Fast Textile International Textile Fair from November 22 – 24, 2018 in Europe’s largest exhibition and congress centre, Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn near Warsaw. Prominently displayed at their booth was the WideTEK® 36ART large format scanner, designed specifically for contact free scanning of works of fine art and mixed media collages, utilizing the revolutionary 3D scanning mode to capture the texture of surfaces so perfectly that the scan on a screen looks like the real thing.

The Fast Textile International Textile Fair is the largest and most important event in the Polish world of fabrics and accessories. Manufacturers and importers from all over the world show their latest collections of textiles, knitwear, textiles and garment accessories. Therefore, visitors were surprised to see a scanner exhibited among the usual sewing machines, laundry machines and machines for the clothing industry. But once they saw the WideTEK® 36ART with its surface texture capture and the resulting captivating, lifelike images, the benefits of such a scanner to the textile industry were crystal clear.